1st giveaway

Because the genius me accidently bought 2 dvd. I’m awesome that way! Hah!
I decided to do a giveaway for my followers, since I saw a few post of them wanting it.

There will be only one winner for my first giveaway.


Sexysatansoo’s Rules:

  • Must be following me. ***
  • No giveaway blog
  • You can reblog/like as many times as you want. (just don’t spam, please!)
  • I ship internationally (meaning you need to be willing to give me your address in order for me to ship it)

Other info:

  • You don’t have to worry about the shipping fees.
  • Please have your ask open so that I can notify you.
  • I’ll be using random.org to choose the winner and the winner must reply to me within 72 hours or else, bye bye.
  • I will not publish the winner for the sake of their privacy and safety. (Unless the winner don’t mind)
  • It’ll be awesome if the winner can take a picture of the dvd once receive (So, I won’t have to worry too much)


This giveaway will end on the 10th of May (GMT +08:00)

If this post gets more than 1k notes I might consider having another winner. I absolutely won’t be giving you another Exo’s First Box. Just a random Exo’s XOXO’s poster, a poster of Kyungsoo and a few photocards of Kyungsoo (as you can see that lil poop is my bias).


This is actually for my followers, but I’ve been thinking through since, and you don’t have to follow me if you’re going to unfollow me later on (meaning to those who follows me before can unfollow me now^^). Keep on reblogging/liking as much as you want.

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all about nana update

visit nanaaa.com for more pics | do not edit

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tao stares at you, bottom lip caught between his teeth. “you’re so beautiful” he whispers. he then smirks and slowly brings his hand up to touch your cold, glass skin. you are a mirror. tao was looking at his reflection. 

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(INFO) EXO-M’s schedule will continue as their ‘Overdose’ comeback stage will take place on April 19 in China. SM staff have urged fans not to attend EXO-M’s departure at the airport out of respect for the victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy.


Furthermore, FY-YIXING won’t be posting and/or sharing any previews that might be taken at the airports. Please, understand and take this into consideration. 

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Stay Strong Korea.

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we are one!
we are the exo fandom!

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Jongin's singing line in Overdose

9920 plays

her love her love 독한것 같아 내겐 헤어날수 없는 destiny 

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Mr. Fantastic

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this asshole

[gestures to favorite band member]

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like 95% of my daily vocabulary is ‘what’

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