Everyone’s talking about GD’s lame dress-up party but how about the fact that his friends used this fanart to design his birthday cake

a wet sehun appears

jongin slipping
 Nam Taehyun | [Color Ring] Debut Stage

Can they get a round of applause pls? TuT


Some of you might have heard of that a security guard from SM is arrested at Nanjing airport yesterday for hitting the fans when EXO arrived.

And the heartwarming thing is that they stood up for the fans and even got mad at the security guards for pushing and hitting the fans :)



jongin with his towelwrapped head during running man


Spirited Away (2001)
Full image here. (1920x2519 5.6 Mb)

Park Chanyeol ♡♡♡

You must accept failure even after you’ve tried your best. Nothing is more regretful than regret itself.
Happy 27th Birthday G-Dragon! #Happy27GDay
(ENG SUB) 140815 EXO 90:2014 Episode 1 - EXO

WINNER - Color Ring — Inkigayo Debut Stage [8.17.14]


140817 WINNER - Empty @ Inkigayo


140817 WINNER debut stage - COLOR RING  @  Inkigayo